Warranty Registration

We give warranty to the provision of free services for NWH equipment products within the warranty period from its date of purchase. The period and conditions of our warranty services are as follows:

  1. The product warranty against defective material and manufacturing faults for a period of 12 months from date of purchase, unless stated otherwise in the invoice.
  2. The warranty does not cover repair or replacement of parts damaged by misuse, accidents, acts of nature, negligence, alternation, modification in any way or repairs done by any third-party workshops without prior written consent of Ng Wah Hong Enterprises Pte Ltd.
  3. Cost of transport to be paid my owner.
  4. Under no condition must the serial number of the product be erased, defaced or altered by the dealer or customer, otherwise the warranty is rendered as void.
  5. This warranty is deemed to be void if the defect is caused by the attack of pests, fire, lightning, natural disasters, pollution, abnormal voltage, or the usage of external generator.
  6. This warranty is valid only in Singapore
  7. If product is purchased from a vehicle dealer or agent, the original warranty terms and conditions of the warranty shall be passed on to the end-customer. Serial No. of equipment that are not recognized will automatically be deemed void.
  8. The warranty is only valid upon full registration through our website at www.nwh.com.sg/warranty-registration.
  9. For more details of the terms & conditions, please refer to our website.