Our Story

Our Founder and Managing Director, Mr Ng Wah Hong, founded Ng Wah Hong Enterprises Pte Ltd in 1983 with a passion and drive to build a sustainable infrastructure for Singapore. He started as an apprenticeship in a bus workshop during his younger days. After a few years of working experience, he found an opportunity in the commercial vehicle industry and from thereon, started his entrepreneurship journey.

The Company is founded from a humble background in a small workshop located at Sin Ming Lane. Through sheer hard work and perseverance, Mr Ng grew the Company with the achievements till date. Throughout his almost 40 years of entrepreneurship journey, Mr Ng stay true to his belief that integrity in business is the most important core value. That is why he has always supported his clients by optimizing their ROI for every commercial vehicle investment. He continues to innovate and search for new ideas to provide sustainable solutions for commercial vehicle owners.

Our Vision

To be the integrated commercial vehicular equipment hub in Asia, where innovative solutions and latest products can be found in one place.

Our Mission

We endeavour to make a difference with our stakeholders:

Customer – We make NWH the leading vehicular equipment specialist by delivering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, driven by an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and working closely alongside them.

Supplier – We constantly search for new products and technologies by forging win-win partnerships with a growing network of suppliers.

Staff – We build a professional workplace where our employees produce quality work they can be proud of.

Environment – We contribute to a sustainable future by using environmentally friendly materials and methods.

Our Partners

Awards & Certifications

Our Milestones

  • 1983
    Founded Ng Wah Hong Coach Services
  • 1999
    Founded Ng Wah Hong Enterprises Pte Ltd
  • 2001
    Accreditation with ISO 9001:2001
  • 2006
    Expansion into Engineering Industry
  • 2011
    Expansion into Waste Management Industry
  • 2014
    Accreditation with ISO 17020:2012
  • 2015
    Won Heartland Enterprise Award, Heritage Category and Innovation Category
  • 2016
    Won Enterprise Singapore Business Excellence Certification
  • 2017
    Expansion into Medical Industry