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Rear-End Loader

The New R-Line model by Holland-based HYVA Group is an improved model that comes with extra safety features and a highly efficient mechanism that is more ergonomic and user-friendly.

  • More Payload:
    • 10 – 15% more payload achieved through high compaction force and lightweight body design.
  • More Reliable:
    • Lifetime of 5+ years resulting from high tensile and wearable steels which deliver structural strength and high durability against corrosion and abrasion
  • Efficient Operation, Faster Collection:
    • Up to 40% improvement in collection efficiency from small diameter cylinders which deliver faster operation, and, double pump for simultaneous operation of packer and bin lifter.
  • Safe:
    • Hydraulic system with hose burst valves and various protection plates covering cylinders and hoses off additional protection to operators
  • Improved Aesthetics:
    • Contemporary design and clean appearance with glass fibre side panels concealing cylinders and hoses.

Available Capacity: From 8m3 to 26m3

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