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Mobile Compactor

The New C-Line Model is one the latest mobile compactor released by Holland-based HYVA Group with enhancements made on its industrial design and components. Its round-shaped body is the first of its kind in Singapore, greatly increasing its payload capability. The spherical shaped door, also an improved feature, helps to reduce the overall weight of the compactor as well.

A noteworthy feature of the New C-Line Model is its pre-installed Intelligent Drive Unit. The Intelligent Drive Unit acts as a smart sensing tool to inform users on the amount of load carried. When the load is less, the sensor informs the compactor to operate at a higher speed with lower compacting force, and vice versa. This feature enables the user to maintain the compactor with greater ease.

Improved Industrial Design:

  • High tensile steel which reduce weight and increase the payload
  • Round-shaped container which makes the compactor stronger
  • Better filling ability to carry more payload
  • Spherical shaped rear door with lighter weight
  • Crusher with unique shape achieves a higher density per cubic metre
  • Better ergonomics

Improved Components:

  • Intelligent Drive Unit: load sensor, lower maintenance cost and better serviceability
  • Hydraulic cylinders with heavy duty seals and specially plated rods with better resistance against acidic environments.

Available Capacity: From 6m3 to 24m3

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