We make a difference because
we believe vehicular solutions can be
more sustainable,
more effective,
more comprehensive.

Corporate Profile

NWH is a vehicular solutions specialist that offers comprehensive and effective vehicular modification services for commercial and industrial purposes.

Established in 1983 with over 30 years of track record, we have built up a reputation for having one of the widest repertoire of brands and products under our belt. Coupled with a consultative approach that seeks to deeply understand customers’ needs, customers gain access to tailored vehicular solutions that enhance their business performance.

We are well supported by our own in-house fabrication facilities and long-term partnerships with overseas product manufacturers, allowing us to constantly engage in quick-to-market design innovation and products integration.


To be the integrated commercial vehicular equipment hub in Asia, where innovative solutions and latest products can be found in one place.


We endeavour to make a difference with our stakeholders:

Customer – We make NWH the leading vehicular equipment specialist by delivering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, driven by an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and working closely alongside them.

Supplier – We constantly search for new products and technologies by forging win-win partnerships with a growing network of suppliers.

Staff – We build a professional workplace where our employees produce quality work
they can be proud of.

Environment – We contribute to a sustainable future by using environmentally friendly materials and methods.

The NWH Difference


Consultative process to have an in-depth understanding of customer needs


Widest range of equipment and products to select from


Exclusive distributorships and cost-savings from expert advisory


Innovative design and engineering of customised and fabricated components